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"Upon The Autumn River" tries to transform the renowned classical Chinese ink painting of Song Dynasty into digital age. By using lights, weather and other programmable variables in the computer game engine, audiences can type the keyboard to play music and the mountains will bounce according to the tone along with other dynamic visual effects. The work shows the great land development "movement" in contemporary China. It provides a platform to discuss via interaction the contrast between the ancient poetic China and value systems of current era, and further more, the human-eco relationship we all face to.

《渔父图 3D》将北宋许道宁传世名画《渔父图》放入计算机3D引擎空间,尝试用数字技术重新演绎古代经典。在虚拟世界中,时间不停周转,观众敲击键盘弹奏音乐,山的形状会随之起伏,并产生其它程序化的物体与变化。作品反映了当代中国高速发展和开发建设的常态,希望观众在互动中思考古典诗意中国与当代社会价值体系之间的差异,以及更广义的人与自然关系的课题。


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This is quite lovely and peaceful, but also intriguingly uncanny. A natural world made morphable and malleable by human hands is presented neutrally as an object of play, but the distortion of the mountains and the cold digitality of the piano samples gives an uncomfortable feeling. Not to mention the identical models of people marching forward across the surface of the water - a strange thing to witness!